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Ready to Transform Your Lashes?

Reveal the full potential of your eyes with our exquisite eyelash and brow services at Sommers Beauty Bar. Each treatment is designed to highlight and enhance your natural beauty, blending meticulous technique with quality products. Whether you seek a subtle enhancement or a dramatic transformation, our services cater to your individual style and preference.


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Hybrid Fill

A perfect balance of volume and natural style, our Hybrid Fill is tailored for those seeking a versatile, eye-catching look. This service is ideal for maintaining the fullness and richness of your lashes, ensuring a seamless and beautiful transition between refills.

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Hybrid Full Set Lashes

Experience the allure of fuller lashes with our Hybrid Full Set. This service intricately combines different lash styles to create a customized, luxurious look that accentuates your eyes beautifully.

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Lash Removal

Our gentle yet effective Lash Removal service is designed to safely detach extensions, preserving the health and integrity of your natural lashes. It’s a perfect choice for those looking to take a break from extensions or transition to a different lash style.

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Volume Fill

Keep your lashes looking lush and voluminous with our Volume Fill. Ideal for maintaining the density and richness of your volume lashes, this service ensures a consistently glamorous look.

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Volume Full Set Lashes

For those who desire the ultimate in lash volume, our Volume Full Set provides a dramatic, show-stopping look. These lashes are perfect for special occasions or simply to add an extra touch of glamour to your everyday style.

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Classic Full Set Lashes

Our Classic Full Set offers a naturally enhanced look, perfect for those who want to subtly boost their lash appearance. These lashes add length and definition, creating a timeless and elegant effect.

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Classic Fill

Regular Classic Fills are essential to maintain the beauty of your classic lashes. This service refreshes your look, keeping your lashes full, neat, and captivating.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eyelash extensions typically last for 3-4 weeks, aligning with your natural lash growth cycle. To extend their lifespan, avoid oil-based products and excessive moisture around the eyes, and gently brush them daily. Regular refills are also essential to maintain fullness.

You can wear makeup with lash extensions, but it’s advisable to use oil-free products, especially mascara and eyeliner. For removal, use a gentle, oil-free makeup remover and avoid rubbing the lashes. Instead, gently dab or swipe along the lash line.

Avoid water and steam for the first 24 hours after application. Use a clean spoolie brush to gently comb and align your lashes daily. Sleeping on your back can also help prevent premature shedding. Avoid using heated eyelash curlers, as they can weaken the adhesive and cause lashes to fall out.

Lash extensions come in various types, including classic, hybrid, and volume. Classic lashes offer a more natural look, while volume lashes create a fuller, more dramatic effect. Hybrid lashes are a combination of both. Your choice depends on the desired look and the health of your natural lashes. Your lash technician can advise you on the best option based on your natural lash strength and lifestyle.